Today is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and so it seems quite apt to me that todays blogtober topic is to share with you a blogger whom I admire. One of the most emotionally raw blogs I have encountered this year has been my David Monteith, he doesn’t post often but when he does his words are powerful.

I first encountered David and his wife Siobahn at this years Doula UK conference where they shared the story of there second daughters birth, sadly due to very rare circumstances she had died in the womb and was born sleeping. As this couple shared with us their tragedy and how the support of their doula had helped them to cope in the days and weeks following, the entire room was reduced to tears.

Hearing David speak is a powerful experience but to go and read his posts about his grief following his daughters death is more so, as he manages to capture in his words all the emotions that he is feeling at any particular moment.

He received the Inspirational Father award at The 2015 Butterfly Awards this year and has also recently written a post for Brit Mums called Stillborn: A fathers perspective.

David’s blog is one that some may find triggering, and so I would advise you read it with caution, but if you feel able to I would well recommend the read.

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5 thoughts on “Blogtober: A blogger I admire

  1. Holistic Mumma wow. I had a Doula at my birth, she was amazing. I can’t imagine how difficult it’d have been not only for the parents (absolutely heartbreaking) but the Doula too as they invest so much of themselves. I’m feeling a little fragile today & don’t take well to stories like that. It tears my heart out & can lead to depression so i will take your advice & not read, your explanation was enough.. But a person certainly worthy of your recognition & recommendation, what a brave man.

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