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Baby massage, pnd and me

Baby massage, PND & Me

Whenever I chat with mums about my love of baby massage, they ask questions like “how did you get started”, “how did you learn about it?” and “how did you train?”. My usual answers are that I massaged both my sons when they were babies, that I trained as a baby massage teacher while I […]

A homework rant

Enough is enough: a heartfelt homework rant!

Tonight I have reached my limit with homework. I absolutely hate it and see no reason for it to feature in my six year old’s world at all. After yet another evening of tears and tantrums due to the pressure he feels to complete it, when he’s already tired after a long day at school, […]

Hippy at Heart

Hippy at Heart

Last night, I put a post in a Facebook group for a business course that I am doing, about how I didn’t feel comfortable engaging with the group, as there seemed to be a movement to talk about hypnobirthing without all the “hippy nonsense”. It wasn’t that I was offended by my fellow practitioners feeling […]

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I'm Laura, a mama of two gorgeous boys: Harry, born 2000 and Theo, born May 2010. Having two sons with a 10 year age gap can be challenging at times, but also a wonderful adventure. This blog documents some of the highs & lows of being a single mama, running my own business, the joys of teenagers and the fun of parenting in general.

The Holistic Mama website was originally started for my therapy and doula business however, in June 2016, I decided to hang up my doula bag and focus on my Sacred Sexuality Coaching practice. If you would like to find out more then you can visit my website here.

When I'm not working (and even when I am), I love huge mugs of tea, music, unicorns, sparkles, daisies, cake, owls and glitter.

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